Friday, September 04, 2009

Now a DNA Bank for you!

If Swiss Bank was not enough to store all the "Black" and "White" money of the world, check this crazy stuff named Swiss DNA Bank, what they offer is Internet based service that provides a unique combination of forever personal digital data and DNA storage. In your own secure web page you may store all of your memories, your files, your pictures and videos. A banking level security system guarantees total privacy. Along with your memories they will store safely your DNA in their secure Swiss nuclear shelters. Small revenue generated by your payment fee will provide forever for the storage.

Read the philosophy behind this concept to mint money:

Every person is composed of two parts: the body and the life experiences, his memories, his heart. At the end of our life, unfortunately, this is all lost. Why not store it in a safe place? Do so not only for yourself, but also for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and to make them remember you, know you and take advantage of your lifetime experiences. Saving your DNA sample can also be useful to prevent and cure genetic diseases."

Do you know what this means?, if they get customer's like Osama,
Laloo Yadav and so on........

Read the reason why Switzerland is a safe heaven for your DNA and the bankers who stash big bucks in this country

For centuries Switzerland has been one of the most stable countries, both financially and politically. Its neutral position and strategic location in central Western Europe has made it an obvious choice for UN headquarters and many other international organizations. Switzerland is home to our headquarters and we proudly guarantee forever lasting stability, privacy and safety."

What does the above thing indicate, in an event of a catastrophe, UN would unlock all the money vaults and keep the money ;-), and now we know where to head during an Apocalypse :-)

You can store your family photos, a diary page to remember a special occasion, a copy of your driver’s license, or just another day of your life, through a life browser to organize chronologically your information, A saliva sampling kit will be mailed to you as soon they receive your subscription request. You will receive a package containing the kit and the Swiss DNA Card. after you send saliva sample in the test tube they we will safely store it in a nuclear shelter.

Okay, so if you really think your are one of those rare kinds amongst the other homo sapient's, and you would like to freeze a part of your body code and secure it some place, you should really try this service.

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