Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cosplaying is no fun for Females at Indian Comic Cons

Comic Con events have gathered significant buzz across Indian metro cities in the past few years and like any public event such gathering it is not just restricted to comic lovers in India. So the pervy kinds also make sure to register their presence to have some fun ogling at girls around and take advantage of their biggest cover available - CROWD.

I have attended 3 Comic Con events in Mumbai and Pune and my observation was that many of the so called comic fans have seldom read comics growing up and a large section of the visitors have probably known about superheroes and comic characters only via movies. Apart from the regular flea market stuff that sells in these events there is limited presence of wells known personalities too and cosplaying fans add the much needed zing to some really dull proceedings.

If there is female cosplayer even with slightest hint of revealing outfit, she is going to have some creepy experience that leaves them shaken and it discourages enthusiastic female fans from participating further. Then people crib about the lack of cosplayers in Indian comic con festivals. If one thinks we can have all the eye candy that dazzles comic con events abroad we are mistaken and equally responsible for the dearth of quality in our desi version of comic cons.

Read through some of the really embarrassing experiences narrated by female cosplayers on a scoopwhoop article here which would give you an idea as to why molestation in public places prevails like a norm and presence of bouncers doesn't make much difference until we learn to respect personal space of another individual whether it be a guy or a girl. Schools teach kids about good and bad touch, I think it is time we groom them to know how to behave in public places, especially with girls.

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