Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Want a Social Jhappi? try Facebook Hug Jacket

I had read about some device which got showcased at Tokyo Game Show about brain kiss, as if human race is facing shortage real kisses now comes a Like-A-Hug, a wearable social media jacket. Every time someone likes your Facebook post, photo, video or status this vest inflates like a life jacket.

Companies into marketing are actively toying the idea of interactive/digital clothing and this could be just the right start in this direction, Imagine you returning home wearing this jacket with a big grin on your face thinking, "Oh man I was SO swelling with Joy the entire day!" 

A social media PR agent reporting how many time's he/she counted jacket inflating throughout the day for a Facebook company/product page, and well it does not just stop here it also has gesture response to being de friended, poked or followed. read more about this here

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