Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Watchmen - Graphic Novel review


The movie Watchmen has generated quite a buzz in USA and has topped the charts post it’s release this March, by the trailers the movie seems to be slick in its direction by the 300 movie director Zack Synders, I was curious to know more about the watchmen comic series before I get to watch this movie.

I managed to get a PDF copy of this novel from the internet, and I am finding it hard to conclude after reading it, whether it is actually a comic series or a novel woven beautifully in graphics by Alan Moore, if you expect “Watchmen” to be a super-hero story, it is not, even though it involves a group of crime fighting super-heroes, the story runs deep down their super lives, I was amazed to find out how gripping the story is in spite of this comic series released by DC comics way back in 1986.

The story starts with the murder of ex-watchmen, Blake-The Comedian, another group member Rorschach begins investigating his death, Rorschach prefers talking less and  breaking more bones, that’s why most of the criminals fear him, then Miss Jupiter is the female vigilante, who takes over the reins of super girl role from her mother, Jon, the blue guy, who stays with Miss Jupiter in a Military research center away from the world, is termed the “Living Superman” by USA, then there is Nite Owl, who has now retired and leads a quiet life, and Veidt who is a business tycoon now, banked heavily on his watchmen image and commercialized the whole super hero thing.

The story of this comic series takes you through the actual pain of being a superhero, there are many witty lines by Rorschach in this comic series, which force you to think and many of them are applicable to our current times as well, the mystery in this comic series revolves around a conspiracy to set up members from the watchmen team by either killing them or locking them up behind bars, there are multiple stories running alongside the main storyline of the watchmen characters, which take you back to the lives of these vigilantes, how they choose to be superheroes and why they left the watchmen gang, since the members of watchmen group carried ahead the legacy of the  “minutemen”.

Spidey and Batman are close as superhero characters of what is watchmen actually go through, their public life is much darker and painful than that of Mr Parker or Mr. Wayne, many ironical statements that come in this series like, do the superheroes actually need a high tech gadgetry to fight petty criminals like burglars and street goons, and our favorite super characters never run out of baddies, but watchmen actually do, which prompts for the group breaking up, members splitting up and now they are brought back together by an impending fear lurking on all of them.

I was enthralled by the comic narration of a complex yet interesting story of the “Watchmen series” eager to watch it now on the big screen, though I have heard it has not received a positive response from the audiences in USA, still it is not going to be a global hit like the movie 300.

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