Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nokia Lumia 525 Preview

Let’s face it, not everyone has tons of money to spend on a top of the line mobile phone. A lot of really high-end phones have been launched recently, but is the majority of the public really consider buying them? This is where value for money phones comes into the picture. They do contain most of the key features and possesses enough girth and muscle to get things done. They do leave out a few things but then again with the target price-point, they’re giving you bang for every buck. In the same segment, comes a new phone courtesy Nokia. The Nokia Lumia 525 is one such phone. With anticipation building before its launch, we preview the latest device from Nokia.

The Lumia Series:
The Lumia series came about as a result of Nokia and Microsoft’s partnerships. The phones run on Microsoft’s Windows Operating System and have been well-received by the marketplace. The first phone came out in 2011 and since then Nokia has come out some really great phones. Now that Microsoft has bought out Nokia, expect to see a more integrated Windows environment in Nokia phones. 

What’s new?
The Lumia 525 release market gives an indication about the kind of phone it’s going to be.

The phone will be launched in India, parts of South-East Asia and Africa. The phone will also feature a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1GHz processor; a first for a device in this price range. Also, the phone features Windows 8. The screen is a 4 inch WVGA screen with Nokia’s Super Sensitive Touch technology. Also, the RAM sees a bump up to 1GB – great for faster speeds. The phone is also expected to feature tons of Nokia’s apps – Maps, Photo editing and from a more visual perspective, the phone is also going to be sold in different colours. According to Nokia, the phone will be sold in three colours - dazzling orange, radiant yellow and luminous white.

What we expect:
The device will be launched in India very soon. While it will be launched in Singapore first, we expect the device to garner a lot of interest in India. Given that it does have some good features in addition to a proven operating system like Windows 8, the allure of two technology behemoths Nokia and Microsoft is sure to attract a host of people. A huge selling point for the phone is built-in Microsoft essentials like Office and Outlook – great for people who like to work when on the move.

Honestly, while Nokia has released some devices in the ‘value for money’ category, we feel this is the pick of the bunch. They’ve clearly learned from their mistakes of the past and have resorted to create a better handset for the markets in which the phone’s launch is going to take place. We’ll be eagerly waiting to see how well the phone performs in the Indian market, but as of now, we think the phone’s is a good place and won’t do too badly.

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