Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pitfall - A classic arcade game

If you can't get enough of Temple Run game play on your Android device, here's another addictive running free to play arcade game that arrives on Google Play store by the name Pitfall, from Activision Publishing. which is inspired by the original 1982 game by the same name.

I must say it is a welcome change from lot of other games that started copying what Temple Run had done and your experience tends to get saturated playing games with similar theme and setting, I hoped Agent Dash would be little different, however it also followed almost same style of game play. In game character in this title is Pitfall harry who is your Indian Jones on the run with a hat and whip, backed with good background score that suits an adventure movie.

I liked the camera angles used in the game play that also allow you to play with a 2D scrolling screen display, a little variety in character moves while swiping up or down avoiding obstacles, check out the video below by AndroidCentral

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