Sunday, April 05, 2009

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Printcasting is a service that allows you to create your magazine in a snap, it also allows you to covert your blog to a magazine, makes it possible for anyone to create a local printable newspaper, magazine or newsletter that's supported with local ads. No money tools or design are required.

Some more details about this service from their site

"Are you a great writer, but not so great at design, layout or business? If you have a blog -- which more and more writers do -- you simply register your RSS feed on the Printcasting network. It's then instantly available for you or anyone else to carry in a magazine. If they make money off of their publications, you will share some of that revenue."

People-Powered Publishers
Have you always wanted to start a magazine about something you know something about, but couldn't write your way out of a paper bag? Simply choose the feeds of participating writers you like, pick a template and a logo -- and bingo, you have a magazine! When new content is available, we'll notify you that it's ready so you can tweak a headline here or there, then approve it for publishing. You can also decide to have it publish immediately. Anyone who suscribes to your magazine will receive an e-mail alert about a new edition so they can read it online, and download and print it out if they choose. (We also hope to provide online ordering of prints -- so stay tuned!)
Advertising Made Easy
And the best part of all is that nobody has to sell ads, which is arguably the hardest part of being a publisher. We've built an extremely simple self-serve advertising tool that makes it as easy for a small business to advertise its wares as it is to write an e-mail. Ads are availalbe for free for an introductory period so that businesses can evaluate their effectiveness. But when we do begin charging for ads, they will be very affordable as compared to publications that have a larger press run.

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