Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to stay Awake at Work & How to improve your sleep pattern

Some useful tips to keep yourself awake if you are at work, Whether you partied all night, stayed up with a newborn, or lost sleep while finishing up a project, now you're at work and you're having a difficult time staying awake. You promise yourself that you'll get more sleep, if you can just make it through the day without being discovered by your boss with your eyes closed. Here's how.

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Nothing kills your ability to get things done faster than a bad night's sleep.yawning employees can't stay alert, make good decisions, focus on tasks or even manage a friendly mood at the office. There are lots of ways to beat insomnia, increase the quality of your sleep, and master the power nap. Today we've got our top 10 favorite sleep techniques, tips and facts.

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