Thursday, March 06, 2008

First D-Day, now D-Day aftermath

It just came to my mind how Hollywood has evolved from making movies with doomsday theme, showing situations signaling our planet’s end, movies like Armageddon, Independence day, Deep Impact, Resident evil (Part I), AVP these movies focused on threats coming from space, aliens and virus outbreaks, which would ring the death knell for our planet, such movies also had innovative ideas with our heroes rescuing the planet in the nick of time.

Now we have a slew of movies being made which focus on the aftermath and after affects of a catastrophe, be it asteroid impact, virus outbreak, left over survivors battling nature, army of the undead, or human droids. Resident evil movie has continued with it’s story in a similar fashion, AVP 2 was a flop movie, showing how earth has become a playground for Aliens and Predators to play for.

We had The day after tomorrow, 28 weeks later movie, another movie Doomsday on the anvil, Will smith portraying legend to the mankind surviving the aftermath of a virus outbreak, we have moved on with our creativity to assume that human race can survive a global disaster against all odds and be it global warming, alien attack, virus out break’s, the hope is still alive in HOLLYWOOD, so it is with the mankind.

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