Monday, March 19, 2007

Addition to my tech stuff….

I purchased a View sonic 19” Widescreen monitor, Artis 6600R FM 5.1 Speakers and got a I-pod shuffle as a prize in a contest. The I-pod shuffle I got is a 2nd gen, 1 GB I-pod and is sleek and has cool looks, however it failed to appeal me and I really wonder how the world has gone crazy behind this white stuff..

I had to download the I-tunes 7 version from the apple site... then transferring songs from my pc to my i-pod was not that hard however had to take care of some settings initially in the I tunes software. The headphones provided by I-pod are below average quality, I started doubting the player’s capability to reproduce good sound quality… later on I plugged in my Sony walkman earphones which gave me good sound clarity and that’s it I have not being using this player much as somehow it still does not appeal me, I had an opportunity to hear songs from a Sony W810i phone, the audio quality and bass reproduction was awesome, I-pod is no match in front of it.

I read the review about Artis 5.1 speakers in digit this month and found these speakers to be packed with great features, also I had heard sounds from Artis speakers previously in some shops and public places and I always found their sound quality impressive, I cancelled my plans to go for a basic creative 5.1 inspire speakers, where in was getting a good deal from a kunhar peripherals dealer in pune, this dealer was near dagdu sheth temple in pune in a old wada type mansion.. got free home delivery.. the speakers were priced at 8500 bucks in the digit review I got it for 6850 bucks..

Setting up the speakers was easy, connected it to my Tata Sky DTH digicomp and sound quality on star movies, HBO, MTV, Channel V was awesome, I watched Alexander movie on it last Tuesday and I could notice difference in the sound quality of my Philips Music system and this speakers, the surround effect was good and the sound ambience was also impressive.

Still I have not being able to set up the speakers with proper combination with my LG DVD player which is 5.1 channel enabled DVD, it plays only on two speakers when I set it on 5.1 channel mode and plays sound on all 5 speakers when I set it at 2.1 channel mode. These speakers come along with a manual which is self explanatory, quiet a bunch of AV cables and AM & FM aerials.

Also I dumped my 15” Samsung monitor which was still performing since 1999 and without any problems, I was itching to upgrade my monitor at least to a LCD 17” category.. I read review on Benq FWp92 version which was 19” widescreen monitor priced at 13,000 bucks… I then shifted my plan to upgrade to a good 19” widescreen model. I found out that the Benq product was not sturdy build wise and did not reproduce great colours and contrast. I then zeroed on to two models one from Viewsonic and other from Asus, finally opted for Viewsonic 19” model. I got the monitor at 11,000 bucks from a Rashi Peripherals dealer at market yard area in Pune near swargate.

The wide screen experience is engaging while playing games like NFS carbon, Brian Lara Cricket 05, The Punisher which I am playing right now.. the screen settings are extensive with both manual and automatic adjusting mode. The monitor delivers both on performance and looks.

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