Friday, April 06, 2012

Climate is changing, WE aren't

Climate change has started showing it's effect very strongly since past 4-5 years, It's impact on economy has never being so evident. Read about China's drought entering it's third year, 2.4 million people having difficulty having access to drinking water, rice production at risk with drought spreading almost to 13 provinces in China, a similar situation prevails in UK where drought like conditions have lasted close to 22 months now, Companies providing water have started imposing restrictions on water supply and levying a fine of 1000 GBP on use of water hose for car wash, gardens. 14 states in southern U.S facing worst drought in last 60 years, scientists attribute these abnormal climate change patterns to La Nina and El Nino effect but the question is how far can we escape the truth on climate change?

There is a larger fear of food inflation continuing it's assault on global food price index, Food price crisis which raised it's head during 2007-08 has never laid low since then, UN is worried about the social unrest that would be trigerred due to rising food prices, which is being accompanied with rising gas prices. Government in India is facing a lot of pressure from petrol companies to either allow them break free of the price control mechanism or increase the subsidy to recover losses petrol sale, take a  look at this site which lists 2012 gasoline price movement across countries. The argument on ending subsidy model is gathering movement in many countries and as global citizens the time has come that we stop getting addicted to government subsidies until we reach a point where there would be no government and we would be running around to kill each other for fuel, water and other necessities. Read an interesting post on how governments should start seriously thinking on quitting populist measures and exit subsidy model ceasing to handover fossil fuel corporations who are already cash rich.

India is readying itself for a bumper wheat crop harvest, however there would be no respite for the common man out of inflation because the output for fruit and vegetable is not seen to be improving due to lack of water and simmering heat wave across many states that would impact agricultural output in some areas. Back here in Pune, water administration seems no one's responsibility above that Maharashtra CM comes down to warning Punekar's to stop misusing water. I am clueless on what is stopping PMC to implement water metering system atleast at housing socities in Pune, water tanker mafia is gaining muscle with lack of committed efforts from administration to take tangible steps on water conservation.

It's time we stopped worrying when the next iPhone or iPad would be launched with what specs and start worrying about how are we going to sustain our access to energey, fuel, water and food in coming years.


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